For the book series, see Timmy Failure (book series).

Timmy Failure is the main character of the Timmy Failure book series, and love interest of Molly Moskins. He is also the CEO of Failure, Inc. a detective agency.

Timmy Failure
Vital statistics
Position C.E.O. of Total Failure Inc.
Age 11
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Roughly four feet
Weight Unknown

Physical appearance

Timmy wears white shorts, a black shirt, and a red scarf (described in the books as the "Distinctive Scarf"). He wears white shoes. Timmy also has short black hair in a non-combed way.


Timmy's personality is described somewhat clearly at the start of every book. He is full of self-esteem and a go-getter who does many dangerous things. He runs a detective agency called Failure Inc. (which was later changed to Total Failure Inc.). It was then changed to F.I. (Failure, Inc.), after Total was fired at the end of the third Timmy Failure book. After Timmy re-hired Total, it presumably returned to being Total Failure inc.

I am the founder, president, and CEO of the detective agency I have named for myself: Failure Inc. Failure Inc., is the best detective agency in the town, probably the state. Perhaps the nation.

Timmy Failure, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made


The Embarrassment

Timmy accidently kissed Corrina Corrina once in Timmy Failure: We Meet Again.

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